Larry H. Miller Group of Companies Christmas Card: The Greatest Gifts
The Larry H. Miller Group of Companies annual Christmas card is sent to more than 10,000 employees, along with community leaders, charity organizations, vendors, and others. In speaking to these diverse audiences, the card should stand out and be memorable, but it also needs to reflect and celebrate the company mission of enriching lives, offer a sincere message of gratitude, and provide a recap of the past year—all without seeming self-congratulatory.
In order to efficiently and gracefully convey several different messages at the same time, the design team proposed an advent calendar-style layout. Individual messages tied in to charitable efforts throughout the year and also expressed gratitude to employees and partners for making it all possible. With different elements of the card in different layers and uplifting messages hidden under perforated tabs, the card provided a discovery experience for every recipient. To build the feeling of Christmas wonder, design elements tying back to classic children’s toys were selected. Each toy is a reference to a different aspect of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, including a toy car representing automotive dealerships, a basketball representing the Utah Jazz, and a baseball mitt to represent the Salt Lake Bees.
Client: Larry H. Miller Group of Companies  |  Agency: Saxton Horne Communications
Creative Direction: Brian McDonough
Design/Illustration: James Kenison  |  Writing: Ryan Croker