Natural History Museum of Utah: Brand Advertising
In addition to hosting temporary special exhibits, the Natural History Museum of Utah houses several world-class collections. For non-exhibit advertising, the focus was put on the dinosaur fossils and displays that are part of the paleontology collection. We paired simple, direct headlines and brand elements with specially commissioned illustrations of Utah dinosaurs. These elements were used on applications from billboards and digital ads to community outreach vehicles.

Client: Natural History Museum of Utah  |  Agency: Saxton Horne Communications

Creative Direction: Brian McDonough  |  Design: James Kenison
Writing: Ryan Croker, Kara Baxter Clark, and Joe Totten
Illustrations: Victor Leshyk (Kosmoceratops and Tyranosaur-to-Lythronax conversion)
and Andrey Atuchin (Akainacephalus johnsoni)